Tennis World Tour 2 - Xbox Series X Reviews

Rating: 51/100 - Based on 5 Critics | Release Date: March 30, 2021 | Genre(s): Sports, Individual, Tennis | Developer: Big Ant Studios  

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Critic Reviews:

60 - TheXboxHub
Tennis World Tour 2 - Complete Edition on Xbox Series X is fun for a time, but falls short of the line. Even if you’re a fan of the sport, there’s not enough here to justify the price tag. 

55 - MGG Spain
The biggest problem for Tennis World Tour 2 isi ts lack of identity. It wants to be many things and end up being none. And it is a shame, since it wastes the licenses of famous tennis players with an experience that finds it difficult to be fun. In addition, this next-generation version does not offer worthy technical improvements. 

50 - Daily Star
Developer Big Ant Studios claim this is “the most comprehensive tennis experience” but sadly when it comes to gameplay it’s more Queens than Wimbledon. 

50 - Screen Rant
The overall experience in this port has improved slightly compared to its predecessor on older consoles but it is still noticeably lacking in terms of its gameplay. Anyone who has already bought the previous version probably won’t find enough in this enhanced edition to justify a second purchase, though, for anyone who is desperate to play a tennis game, Tennis World Tour 2 - Complete Edition might just about scratch that itch. However, the game still doesn't provide the level of gameplay tennis fans want out of a video game, and even if it looks better, its content struggles and mechanical shortcomings remain a deterrent. 

40 - Finger Guns
Early impressions are poor and don’t really get any better from there. Tennis World Tour 2 – Complete Edition is a sterile, sluggish experience from start to finish, and has little in the way of reason to stick with it long-term. If you absolutely must play a tennis game, you might need to dig an older console out of the cupboard. Avoid. 

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