Shadow Man: Remastered PC Reviews

Rating: 65/100 - Based on 4 Critic | Release Date: April 15, 2021 | Genre(s): Action Adventure, Survival 

Critic Reviews

CCG - 78/100
CCG writes - "Shadow Man Remastered is a mix of both remake and remaster of the title previously released in 1999. Greatly enhancing the resolution and framerate, as well as adding cut content (although I don’t know what that cut content is exactly), it aims to be the definitive version of the Shadow Man experience. Starring a man known as Micheal LeRoi on the Liveside but called the titular Shadow Man on the Deadside. His goal is to collect the Dark Souls (no relation to the game) so that he can defeat Legion, a conglomerate of souls seeking to take over both the Liveside and Deadside and cause the end of the world. Voodoo priestess Mama Nettie assists Shadow Man as he does business on the Liveside, while a dead skeleton with the body of a snake and the voice of an Irishman named Jaunty helps out on the Deadside. As Shadow Man collects Dark Souls from both sides, his power increases and also gains him access to new areas."
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WayTooManyGames - 75/100 
WTMG's Leo Faria: "If you can ignore the fact that this is a twenty-two year old game, then you’ll have a great time with Shadow Man Remastered. There’s a lot to like in this game, namely the fantastic level design, creepy setting, and pseudo-metroidvania progression system. Sure, it looks and feels a bit janky for 2021 standards, but I’m happy with what Nightdive has managed to deliver. Now, can we get a remaster of Armorines and Turok 3, pretty please?" 
NoisyPixel - 55/100
Nightdive Studios is known for obtaining rights to abandonware retro titles such as Turok and Doom 64 to port them to modern platforms. Now, the studio has returned to the classic occult game Shadow Man: Remastered to revive this strange series. The Shadow Man series began in 1992 Under the banner of Valiant Comics. Comic legends such as Joe Quesada, Rob Liefied, and Frank Miller have all had their hands on this series. After several years of immense popularity and over five million copies sold. Acclaim stepped in and purchased Valiant for $65 million. Paving the way for the original Shadow Man to be released as a video game in 1999.
Jeuxvideo - 55/100
An experience apart, totally rooted in a bygone era, for better but also for worse. 

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