Elden Ring - Easy Mode Download

The Elden Ring easy mod does a couple things to help make things a bit easier 4 gamers who are struggling, including reduced damage with increased attack, more healing flasks, and a wider multiplier for runes to collect.

reduce 50% Damage.

increase 25% Attack.

10x Rune

2X Player Hit Radious

2x Crimson/Cerulean Tears Heal

No Weapon/Armor/Accessary Weight

No FP Cost of Magic/Buddy Ashes

Increased Weapon Scaling by status

Starting status +10 of all

Item Discovery is always 500

Weapon reinforcement only required 1 material.

no reauired material for crafting

Download Elden Ring Easy Mode


Backup your existing regulation.bin. 

make EAC disabled(recommended to use Anti-cheat toggler)

Replace the downloaded regulation.bin into your \steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game.. folder.



Replace the modded regulation.bin file with the original file.

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