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37.14%Overall Rank: 260
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Babylon's Fall is an action role-playing hack and slash video game played from a third-person perspective. The player assumes control of a Sentinel, who must scale a massive tower known as the Ziggurat. Players started at a hub area known as Sentinel Force HQ where they can interact with other players, visit shops or blacksmiths to purchase gear and upgrades, and access quests. Each quest can be played solo, though the game also supports four-player cooperative multiplayer. Players ascend three to four floors in each quest until they reach the summit of the tower. Along the way, players will unlock loot which can be used to enhance the strength of the characters. Each sentinel is equipped with two weapons. However, the player is also equipped with a device known as Gideon's Coffin. The coffin allows players to carry two more spectral weapons. These weapons can no longer be used once the spectral energy bar is depleted, though it will gradually refill over the time. The game features five different weapons types, including sword, hammer, bow, rod, and shield. At the end of each level, players would be awarded with loot and gear. The quality of the gear depends on the player's performance in a level. Players can achieve better performance by varying their attack style, eliminating enemies quickly, and dodging attacks. Screenshots
   Release Date: March 3, 2022
PC Invasion03/07/22Review 6,5 out of 10
Jeuxvideo03/11/22Review 6 out of 10
PC Games03/10/22Review 5 out of 10
Hardcore Gamer03/08/22Review 3 out of 10
GamesHub03/11/22Review 2 out of 10
TheGamer03/03/22Review 2 out of 10
Wccftech03/10/22Review 1,5 out of 10

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