New Yuzu & Ryujinx Keys Download & How to install keys (Nintendo Switch Prod Keys Download)

Yuzu emulator gives the following errors when there is no key:

Derivation Components Missing
Components are missing that may hinder key derivation from completing. Please follow the yuzu quickstart guide to get all your keys and games.

or when you try to open the game

Error while loading ROM! (0007-000E)
Please follow the yuzu quickstart guide to redump your files. You can refer to the yuzu wiki or the yuzu Discord for help.

The solution is simple, you just need to download the prod keys.

Download 2022 Keys 

How to install yuzu keys

windows installed folder - >

users - >

your computer name folder - >


roaming - >

for yuzu: yuzu - > keys - > paste here

for Ryujinx: Ryujinx folder - > system - > paste here

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