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84.80%Overall Rank: 848
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Resident Evil Village is set three years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Ethan Winters returns as the protagonist.Ethan has been living with his wife Mia and daughter Rosemary when Chris Redfield and his men suddenly appears, murders his wife in cold blood and kidnaps him, with his baby daughter, to a mysterious European village located in Transylvania, Romania, given the currency used and the names of characters. Ethan has to traverse the village to rescue Rosemary. The village is governed by four different mutant lords, each controlling their own forces from strongholds within the village. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, an extremely tall vampire-like aristocrat, leads her three daughters and others from her castle. Karl Heisenberg leads a group of werewolf-like creatures from a contemporary factory. Salvatore Moreau commands a number of mermen from a lake adjacent to the village. Donna Beneviento rules from her mansion, House Beneviento, and controls a puppet named Angie. All houses respond to the deity-like figure Mother Miranda, the ruler of the village who is a "presence worshipped by the villagers.

Release Date: May 07, 2021

Windows Central05/05/21Review 9 out of 10
GameSpot05/05/21Review 9 out of 10
CGMagazine05/05/21Review 9 out of 10
GameStar05/05/21Review 8,8 out of 10
Millenium05/05/21Review 8,5 out of 10
PC Gamer05/05/21Review 8,5 out of 10
PC Games05/05/21Review 8 out of 10
PC Mag05/05/21Review 8 out of 10
Telegraph05/05/21Review 8 out of 10
PCGamesN05/05/21 Review 8 out of 10

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