R-Type Final 2 - PS4 Reviews

Rating: 79/100 - Based on 5 Critic -  Genre: Action | Developer: Granzella Inc. | Franchise: R-Type Final 2, R-Type | Release Date: 30 Apr, 2021

Gameplay Trailer:

86 - The Games Machine: R-Type Final 2 is an aesthetically brilliant ‘reboot’ of the classic arcade game by Irem Corporation. Old players will feel at home, either when approaching the game with the strategies of the past, or when they try to change habits by exploring the new possibilities offered by the game.

83 - Video Chums: R-Type Final 2 is an excellent shmup and a worthwhile follow-up to one of the best shooters in the PS2's library. It could have gone a bit further to make it a more fulfilling experience but what's here is wonderful nonetheless. 
80 - Noisy Pixel: Even with ambiguity and brutal difficulty, R-Type Final 2 is an entertaining shoot ‘em up. Some levels and sections can be downright infuriating, but it’s also what’s expected from this series and genre. Switching up jets and applying various upgrades will totally change up your playstyle and have you thinking strategically throughout your entire playthrough. For space cadets looking for a masochistic and humbling experience, R-Type Final 2 is a voyage worthy of exploring.

80 - Metro Game Central: A successful resurrection of the iconic retro franchise, that wallows in justifiable nostalgia but still tries to keep at least one foot in the present.

70Push Square: Ultimately, R-Type Final 2 is exactly what you’d expect a sequel to R-Type Final to be like. It certainly doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, and some may be a little underwhelmed by the fact that it lacks any massive gameplay changes from previous instalments in the franchise. Still, that’s rather missing the point; games like this aren’t as common as they once were and getting a shmup of such quality in 2021 is truly something to celebrate

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