Shachibato Maju Wars PC Reviews

Rating: 30/100 - Based on 1 Critic | Release Date: March 30, 2021 | Genres: Action, Role-Playing, General, Japanese-Style | Developer: Preapp Partners

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Critic Reviews:

30 - Noisy Pixel - Shachibato Maju Wars strives to be a hybrid RPG rogue-like but fails to understand what makes the genre addictive. Neither its shallow story nor strange mechanic choices provide a satisfying gameplay loop. Rather than relying on innovative builds or player experience to slowly crawl towards the game’s conclusion, it pushes you along by providing more resources for each consecutive run, making advancements feel unearned and boring. By using the shortness of procedurally created dungeons without any positive unique skills or mechanics, Shachibato just ends up feeling like an RPG that ends way too quickly, without any reason to continuously play it. Read full review

Steam User Rating: 70/100

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