MotoGP 21 PC Reviews

Rating: 65/100 - Based on 4 Critics | Release Date: April 22, 2021 | Genres: Racing, Simulation, Sports

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70 - GameReactor: If you are an avid supporter of this sport, you will of course be able to find real entertainment here. However, if you played the previous titles, you will have a hard time distinguishing MotoGP 21 from the previous years' games except for a few small, tiny, microscopic improvements. The series has received 7/10 for the last three years and that grade still stands. There is nothing new to get, but the game does what it is supposed to do. Namely to offer as realistic an experience of MotoGP as possible. And this is, as I said, a very competent game. Read full review 


65 - Jeuxvideo: Disappointing ! Milestone was off to a good start with its pretty MotoGP 20, full of promise with finally a career mode worthy of the name. But instead of polishing it, the Italian studio has put the diamond in the next-gen's garage this season. MotoGP 21 is stagnating in the gameplay, the fault of the sets and animations still unchanged and quite dull, an AI that falls back into its faults causing too many accidents and the absence of a split screen mode. Worse, the title regresses in content, puts the historical mode to oblivion and brings no notable novelty to the career. Even the shimmering visual identity of MGP20 has given way to a dreary ersatz menu, enough to assure us of one thing: the next installment in the series will be expected around the corner. Read full review


65 - PC Invasion: Although certainly not extraordinary, MotoGP 21 is a decent enough racing game. Some more innovation would have been nice but given the complications caused by COVID, I can understand the limitations in place. Series veterans will most likely enjoy this but I can't see it attracting many newcomers with so many great racing options already on the market. Read full review 


60 - Millenium:  MotoGP 21 is not bad, but we have the impression to go backwards. It certainly brings some additional elements like the management of the temperature of the brakes or new penalties of exit of track, as well as all the riders and circuits of the championship, but it remains quite bland. It's still a reference in motorcycle racing simulation, but it's lacking. And the graphics haven't really evolved. Milestone even emoved the history mode without offering anything else instead. An opus which, despite its qualities, seems a bit too lazy. This annual upgrade is clearly dispensable. Read full review

Steam User Review Scores: 60/100

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