Age of Empires 4 - Language Pack Download

Age of Empires IV language pack download and how to install - use language

1. Download Language Pack (included: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean Spanish (Latin American) Malay, Russian Simplified Chinese, Spanish Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese.)

2. Unrar and Paste Languages this location - 

Age of Empires IV installed folder -- Cardinal - Archive paste this folder

3. Open the "locale.ini" file in the folder where the game is installed with notepad, "lang=type one of the languages I listed above here, for example lang=french, then save and close" 

4. Open the steam_emu.ini file in the same folder with notepad, save and close "Language=write the language you want" here and save. Enjoy.


  1. working Codex version?

  2. korean.sga=koreana changes

  3. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese need keyin Schinese ,Tchinese else can not working.